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Are you asking the right questions?

  This is the story of Birbal, the intelligent minister from the court of Akbar who was known for his presence of mind and sharp wit. Now the story goes like this since Birbal was popular in Akbar’s court and…

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Comparison between CBAP, CCBA and CPRE

BA certifications overview   About Adaptive Processes Adaptive Processes provides CBAP, CCBA, ECBA, CPRE, Agile BA and other business analysis certification training online and consulting needs for Individual or Corporate either online or offline. Adaptive Processes is an endorsed education provider of IIBA® Canada and IREB® Germany. Learn…

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Hip! Hip! Hurray!

World has moved to agile and rightly so. Agile allows us to deliver benefits to our stakeholders faster and allows us to modify our product based on customer feedbacks. Documentation is a non-welcome world in agile. When I meet my…

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