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A Business Analysis Article that you always overlooked

Info info everywhere, not a bit to link,

Info info everywhere, all it went is bin.

-Somebody Smart


Well, in this internet era where you can find everything about anything I am pretty sure you could easily ignore this article mistaking it as yet another placid article about Business Analysis Certifications. 

But this one…




It’s always a bitter break up. Always…

Ok let’s be honest. Ask any HR or senior management fellow of any top firm, they just can’t let go off a Business Analyst. They would go to lengths to retain them. And notice period buyout is also becoming way too common. One could argue that several other positions follow such a trend, but then there is more to it than what we perceive.


Why shell so many dollars for them?

A business analyst doubles up as Business Consultant & Requirements Specialist. And a seasoned Business Analyst brings the best of both the worlds. One of them is analyzing the Business Domain. Second being, documenting the processes, assessing the business model to be implemented or its integration with technology. Whole on whole they are required to analyze, transform and ultimately resolve the business problems with the help of technology.

Some Business Analysts can earn over $100,000 per year. The average paycheck is round about $80k-90k.


Business Analysis career, what is the catch?

Industry especially ITES is undergoing mass automation. Redundant jobs will slowly be wiped off & jobs in less demand will obviously become low paying.

Business Analysis on the other hand is listed among the top 20 recession proof jobs.

Sounds shocking but the BA field is actually entering a boom. Surveys say that demand & supply is going to be mismatching.

The abovementioned factors would heavily shift the balance in favor of picking up a Business Analysis career. You could find various other points from the placid articles in da intarneyt.

Apart from bringing business to Training organizations what is the point of certifications?


Yes, Moolah. Certified Business Analysts earn 10-15% more than their non certified friends. And nobody is a sage in our industry to settle with less.


Globally accepted & recognized

IIBA, the global BA certifying body is universally accepted & the certifications are recognized in every nook & corner of the world.


An official stamp in case you’re switching

Convinced about switching into a BA career & figuring out where to start at? An entry level BA certificate should be the perfect ammunition.


Unbelievable networking

Once you become a part of certified professionals group, the sheer strength of networking will lead you to places you never had dreamt of.

Okay, Enough of social service. Now please welcome some marketing/advertisements.


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