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CBAP Certification Exam Preparation Steps and Tips

CBAP Certification Exam Preparation Steps and Tips – So finally, after much procrastination and contemplation, you have made up your mind and planned to take up the most coveted certification in the Business Analysis domain. First of all, congratulations on your plans for getting CBAP certified. That’s possibly the best gift you can give to your professional career.

The good news is that more and more professionals are taking it up and making it all the more in demand and the most sought-after certification globally. The numbers look like this –

As of Aug, 2018, IIBA declares 9600+ CBAP certified professionals. While PMI reports 2020 PMI PBA certified professionals as of 31 Dec 2017.

The initial apprehension on the new pattern of CBAP certification exam on BABoK v3 seems to be fading with this popularity.

This post aims to impart useful information on CBAP questionspreparation tips and what all to expect during the exam.

Thanks to all business analysis professionals and certification seekers for the overwhelming response to our question of the day series.

Attributable to our master coaches and best CBAP exam preparation materials we as of now have 250+ CBAP Certified professionals.

A trial registration to our learning platform Suxeed, gives free access to 1 complete CBAP Exam simulator, many CBAP exam tips, study guide, audiobook, flash card and preparation plan.

Our learning platform has all the features of the real exam- you can mark questions for review, leave some questions and come back to them later.

The report generated will show the questions and the options, along with the correct option and explanation/justification of the correct answer.

So here we are back with our CBAP model question again:

CBAP Question

As you can see our learning platform has all the features of the real exam like you can mark questions for review, you can leave some questions to answer later and come back to them later.

The report shows you the question and the options as well as the correct option along with the explanation/justification of the correct answer:

CBAP Question

Our site shares tips and information related to the CBAP exam as well.

All CBAP aspirants can access numerous exam tips from close to 250+ certified CBAP professionals free here.

CBAP V3 based examination tips

Out of all the inputs we have in last few months, you can take these summary and prepare accordingly:

  1. The questions will be a mix of case and scenarios, cases are going to be quite long, be prepared to read long cases
  2. Scenarios are short but the options are the challenging since there are at least two which are close to each other
  3. No memorization of inputs , tasks etc needed like V2
  4. There will be calculation based questions with decimals etc so be prepared to do the calculations
  5. Need good time management to answer all questions

CBAP Preparation FAQ:

Question –

I have around 10 years of experience as a business analyst but my designation is not Business analyst. How do I prove my experience as a business analyst? How is IIBA going to verify my experience, are all my previous job supervisors going to be contacted for this?

Answer –


You don’t need to be called as business analyst in designation to be eligible for CBAP exam. Your roles and responsibility is what matters for the application filing and the CBAP exam.

Application filing

Yes, your references will be contacted as part of the application filing process.

Yes, you have to provide the supervisors names for the previous positions as part of work history details in the application filing process.

You also have to provide your work history details along with the supervisor name and email like as given in the screen shot below:CBAP Application Filing

And total work hours worked as per knowledge areas of BABoK.

CBAP Application Filing

Question –

Whats the best way to prepare for CBAP certification examination after the training


  1. Go through the CBAP study guide at least 4/5 times – CBAP Sample Study Guide
  2. Watch the youtube class videos – CBAP Sample Class Video
  3. Solve the concept questions –
  4. Solve the warm up questions
  5. Move on to drill/scenario based questions
  6. Then to case based questions – CBAP Sample Question Bank
  7. Finally simulation questions.
  8. Go for the exam when you are good with the concepts since the case based questions test your business analysis concepts.

Take a look at the sample course material over here.

Sample Study Guide and Question Bank

The Adaptive learning platform is loaded with 1000+ questions for taking the participant through a gradual process of learning with Concept questions -> Warm up questions ->Drill questions -> Case-based questions – > Simulation tests.

This process enhances learning and clarity of concepts, which ultimately helps the professional to be a better business analyst end of the day.

See a small video on the learning platform here –

The learning should be based on concepts/skills and should ultimately help anyone in their day to day job rather than only getting a certificate.

Learn with Adaptive Processes to be a better business analyst while getting CBAP certified.

About Adaptive Processes (Think BA. Think Adaptive.)

Adaptive Processes provides CBAPCCBAECBACPRE, Agile BA and other business analysis certification training online and consulting needs for Individual or Corporate either online or offline. Adaptive Processes is an endorsed education provider of IIBA® Canada and IREB® Germany.

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Ananya Pani

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