CBAP v3 certification with success guarantee

CBAP V3 with Success Guarantee & Free IIBA membership? You must be joking!

Success Guarantee CBAP Training with USD 125 Free IIBA Membership

Adaptive Processes have been conducting CBAP workshops for more than 5 years.

We have had tremendous success with CBAP V2 certifications. Hundreds of professionals completed CBAP successfully with us and many have moved significantly ahead in career post CBAP certification. Specifically I know a gentleman who got a job in United Nations in Europe from a mid-sized town in India.

However, with CBAP V3, we see very few professionals opting for going for the examination. What we gather is;

1. There is a perception that CBAP V3 examination scheme is way tougher than V2. This has created a lot of discussion on how many questions will be case type and what will be the level of difficulty for the case based questions.

2. IIBA holding on not publishing the results of exams conducted in V3 which creates unnecessary tension in the exam takers mind.

3. Finally, nobody wants to be a guinea pig.


This is why we came up with the success guarantee program for CBAP V3.

We as a training organization are partners of our participants.

We share success and failure with our participants.

We fund the participant’s re-take exam fees.

We allow them to sit through another session without any cost to them.

How are we able to take this big risk?

We are very well prepared for CBAP V3:

1. Our study guide is extremely compact and to the point. You can have a look at the quality of our CBAP study guide here.

2. We have created an extensive question bank of more than 1200 questions, covering 4 types of questions, concept questions (500+), scenario based questions (500+) and case based questions (150+).

3. 100+ concept videos on BABoK V3. You can have a look at our CBAP sample video.

4. Employ very best faculties world-wide to guide our participants.

In fact, we have a very special Offer going on now where we also pay for your IIBA membership CBAP fees that’s a whopping USD 125 value to you. Here are the details about the offer.

So drop your inhibitions and partner with Adaptive for the coveted CBAP V3 certification examination.


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