CBAP with pass Guarantee? You must be Joking :)

Dear CBAP aspirants,

As you may already have got the update from IIBA, the new examination scheme for CBAP Certification is going to be more difficult. It is going to have case studies and the pass % is likely to go down significantly as it happens with any new scheme.

The current scheme is valid till September and if you wish to be a CBAP Certified Professional, this is the time one must go for it.

At the very same time, BABoK is a pretty large book to fully understand (approx. 250 pages). It contains discussions on 100+ concepts, 50 tools, 40 inputs, 35 outputs, 10 roles. CBAP examination can ask questions any valid combinations (imagine the torture on our minds).

I indeed hate any memorization but unfortunately, I am not setting the questions. So in spite of our disliking, we have no choice at this time.

So the great news is we are offering you a pass guarantee for CBAP and CCBA Certification. How are we able to do so?

We have researched BABoK for more than 500 hours to find all core concepts, anomalies and peculiarities in BABoK. We created 100+ tips including mnemonics which reduces your mental load considerably.

We have the best faculty, courseware and quiz banks which has produced 100 % success rate in CBAP.

We are NOT necessarily the cheapest.

Do consider the investment that you make in terms of examination fees, training fees, preparation time fees and the mental agony of not completing CBAP in completing in 1st attempt (sometimes even in 2nd attempt).
The decision is in your hands.



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