How to be a CBAP in just 6 weeks and 72 hours

6 weeks CBAP prep planWe have been training CBAP concepts few years. 50+ participants from our workshops have been proud CBAPs today.

Sometimes I read the harrowing experience of many professionals who really struggle to get the coveted certification. Somewhere I read that the gentleman read BABoK 25 times. For me, reading BABoK one time is a 10 hours effort, 25 times would mean 250 hours of effort.

Here is a simple proposition for all who want to pass CBAP Certification (we give guarantee on your examination success – you can read more about that @

We have also prepared an excel based plan that helps you to track your progress.

The systematic approach to succeed in CBAP are as follows:

Step 1.Attend Prep workshop

Week 1

Go through elearnings provided by your training organization. Adaptive’s elearning takes about 8 hours of time to complete. This has pre-recorded video lectures.

During the workshop, pay keen attention to concepts discussed, tips provided and chapter end quizzes.

Make sure you fill-in all missing elements in the handbook. This helps in remembering key concepts that BABoK tries to explain.

Step 2.Fill-up application and book time with Prometric
Week 2
Take help of Adaptive Processes Business Analyst experience calculator available at 0 cost. We have spent more than 100 hours of effort in making sure your application process is a smooth affair.

Step 3.Go through CBAP BABoK
Week 3 and 4
Do a thorough reading of BABoK once and note aspects which are difficult for you. You can reach out to your trainer for clarifying any aspect which is not understandable to you.
Pay attention to knowledge areas as 90+% questions come from knowledge areas.

Add information to handbook as per your understanding of BABoK.

Step 4.Go through mock tests
Week 5 to 7
Adaptive provided 300 drill questions and 2 practice tests. Go through all of them.
Review rationale provided in the sample quizzes.
At any point in time, if you have a doubt, do write to your trainer.
Add information to handbook as per your understanding of question banks.

Step 5.Revise handbook
Week 8 and 9
Go through the updated handbook as the final preparation.

Step 6.Take exam
Week 10
You are ready to take the exam. Choose a day when you are relaxed,
Go for the test. Do not over burden yourself.
Success will be in your hand.


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  • Hi Mishra, Good to know about this. Can you tell me how much you charge for the online CBAP workshop? I am planning to take the exam in next 2-3 months before end of the year. I got the application approval back in Feb. Thanks,

    • Hi Srini
      Good to know this and congratulations on setting up this professional achievement goal.

      Lets connect and please send a mail to for more details.

      One of our team members would connect and help you with the registration process.


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