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Update on the latest exam results on BABoK V3 based examination

From the time IIBA® has revised the curriculum and released the new exam pattern for the BABoK® based certifications there has been lot of speculation and apprehension among the certification aspirants globally.

The exam patterns have been changed for CCBA® and CBAP® to ­ensure that the participants are exposed to good amount of business analysis work experience and have thorough practical knowledge on the concepts to answer the case and scenario based questions.

With the curriculum and exam pattern revision the no of certification exam takers seem to have come down significantly, the reason being inherent resistance to risk.

There are many professionals globally who have already appeared for the BABOK® V3 based examination and many more are planning to go for it very soon.

One question that’s there in everyone’s mind is how is the new exam questions and when is the results going to be declared.

Here’s something that was communicated from IIBA® most recently on the exam results:

“Setting the pass score for a new or enhanced exam requires a sample group of candidates. Thanks to this first group of exam candidates, the process for setting the passing score is currently in progress.

IIBA is pleased to announce that we will communicate exam results via email to all candidates who have taken the exam by the following dates:

  • Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) – March 31
  • Certification of Capability in Business Analysis™ (CCBA®) – April 30
  • Entry Level Certificate in Business Analysis™ (ECBA™) – April 30

Exam results will include the pass/fail result as well as feedback on Knowledge Areas and topics covered on the exam. 

For all exam candidates who receive a fail result on the exam, and have not had an opportunity to take the exam up to 3 times as per our standard process, the Certification team will extend your application expiry by 6 months from the time you receive your exam result.  The certification team will contact you to provide your new application expiry date once your exam result has been communicated to you.  

Exam fee discount refunds for early adopters who completed the exam prior to December 31, 2016, will be issued by January 31. If you have not received your refund, please email and include your contact information and exam date.

Congratulations in advance to all candidates who have passed their exam!”


If you are also in the boat of preparing for CBAP and getting cold feet for taking the plunge here is something that you should definitely read.

From our experience of creating 150+ CBAP in last few years with a success percentage of 98% this is what we gathered as the 3 most vital factors determining one’s success in CBAP.


Please treat the 3 factors as equally important like three legs of a tripod and don’t discount one over the other.


  1. Coach/Mentor

You need a great mentor and coach to guide you, without that the effort can be much more and many a times not resulting in success as well.


Take the training from a coach looking at his credentials not from sheer objective of obtaining Professional Development Unit (PDU) and price or discounts offered.


Lot of providers showcase one faculty with a good profile for the brochure and have some one else delivering the class.


Faculty taking the session are often with very little experience to keep the cost low and are not practicing business analysts.


Hence they eventually end up reading the BABoK and add very little value to the participants in terms of knowledge or concept clarity.


Check out our faculty profile here in the faculty section


The faculties have been part of IIBA authoring and question setting team for BABoK V3. All of them are practicing BAs with minimum 20+ years of industry experience in consulting/advising clients on business analysis domain


  1. Experience Requirement and preparation method

CBAP® needs a good base and understanding of BA concepts, reading BABoK based study guide or BABoK and then relating to real time experience helps in getting conceptual clarity.

Though CBAP® requires about 5 years of BA experience but having about 6/7 years of BA experience is helpful in grasping and relating concepts well and hence ultimately clearing the certification exam.


Most of the training providers dont have a concept of study guide, all that they will give you for studying is a copy of BABoK.


Any body can tell you to master/cram 600/700 pages of content and assure that you will be able to pass the examination based on that.


Only an expert can give you a condensed book containing all the essentials and assure that you will be able to clear the examination going through the condensed study guide 3/4 times.

CBAP Study guide

This is where an expert’s role comes into play, they put in lot of effort to make the participants life easy and make the most complex subject sound most simple with their clarity of concepts and subject knowledge.


Our study guide is only 165 pages and the techniques book again 200+ pages making it all total of 300+ pages which is still 50% of the BABoK V3.

Business analysis techniques

  1. Preparation effort

One needs to put in about 200+/- 50 hours of serious effort to clear CBAP® Exam – though lot of our participants have cleared CBAP in V2 with just 1 or 2 weeks of preparation as well. The record was with 3 days of preparation some one cleared it and some took longer, but for drawing conclusions lets not look at outliers.


When you practice from a condensed study guide with half the content and practice from the questions designed by experts having been in the authoring and exam question setting team then the effort comes down drastically


We offer 5 levels of questions in our question bank which makes your concepts strong and gradually enhances your knowledge and gets you ready for the CBAP exam.

CBAP Question Bank

We start with concept questions move to warm ups, then to drill questions and further to case based questions and finally the simulation tests.

With 1000+ questions you can gain expertise gradually and be prepared to take the exam.

The assessment report/ answer sheet explains the solutions with explanation on what basis the option is correct, giving you a clear reason behind the answer.

CBAP Question Bank Sample

These 3 points are like three legs of a tripod, without any one of them the table will not stand.


We run a success rate of 98% on participants getting certified on the first go.


Take a look at the feedback here from our past participants that would give you a better idea about the class quality.


Here is some sample course material and content to browse through:


Sample Study Guide and Question Bank

Please feel free to get in touch with us at if you want to be part of this great success story.


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Ananya Pani

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