Why a large US bank went with Adaptive after cancelling the BA workshop mid-way?

This is a real story.

Our sales team received a call from a one of the top 5 banks in the world indicating they are keen to work with us.

This was bit surprising that we never approached the bank for any business and we did not know anyone there.

So the discussion happened. The bank wanted a mock session of an hour which was delivered.

Just after 2 rounds of discussion, the bank signed-up.

This is quite unusual for a large bank to do.

Upon deeper enquiry, we found that the bank had actually engaged the training organization which claims to be World’s largest training provider.

The session started. Within half a day, participants strongly protested.

The trainer had no clue about business analysis.

He was simply reading what was there on the slides.

This is what we have seen in many service providers.

Mostly they will not commit on the faculty.

A major part of a workshop’s contribution is the faculty quality.

Adaptive completed the workshop.

We got 15 of 17 participants certified as CCBAs within a month of the workshop.

So do make a informed decision.

Biggest may not mean Best.










LN Mishra

LN Mishra

COO at Adaptive Processes
22+ years of professional experience in software product development, business analysis, ERP implementations, software processes – CMMI, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, Six-Sigma and Strategic Change Management Consultancy.
LN Mishra

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