Why CPRE Makes More Sense Than CBAP for Indian IT Business Analysis

I have been conducting Business Analysis Workshops for more than 5 years and must have trained more than 2000 business analysts across the world. The most popular program for our company Adaptive Processes has been the CBAP workshop. We were one of the very early REPs for IIBA, Canada, and the program has been hugely successful for us.

Before you read further, here is the disclaimer. My organization, Adaptive Processes is registered education provider to IIBA, Canada (provider of CBAP certification) and IREB, Germany (provider of CPRE certification). We train for both certifications.

However, when I conduct these workshops, most of my participants are hardly aware of enterprise analysis. Even many of the participants actually wonder if business analysts actually do solution evaluation. Most of them do not have any idea of financial analysis and sincerely doubt if they would conduct enterprise analysis activities in near future (possibly even-even in next 3 years).

This peculiar problem happens because BABoK has combined two distinct roles, Enterprise analyst and Requirements analyst into a single a role called Business analyst. Typically people who perform enterprise analyst role do not perform requirements analyst role and vice versa.

Any business would not assign enterprise analysis role for junior professionals where as requirements analysis can be performed by junior professionals.

Since most Indian’s IT organizations do not perform enterprise analysis work for their projects, the majority of Indian IT BAs are exposed to requirements analysis work.

Since CPRE is completely focused on requirements analysis and engineering, this seems to be more relevant for most Indian IT BAs.

You can also go through a presentation providing the detailed comparison between CBAP and CPRE here.

However, for senior business analysts and enterprise analysts, CBAP still is a good option as it has more breadth and more market recognition.

I would love to hear from my other fellow BAs on their opinion on the subject.

Have a great day ahead and looking forward to your valuable inputs.


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