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Why study groups may not be the best approach for CBAP now

I interact with 50+ business analysis professionals every month who aspire to complete CBAP certification. This has been the case for almost 5 years now, so I would have listened to 2500+ BAs.

Many of them seek advise on the right approach to appear for the examination.

Let me describe benefits and limitations of various approaches.

1. Study group approach


1. Interact with like minded professionals over a prolonged period

2. Great opportunity to network

3. Low or almost 0 cost option as the study groups are voluntary groups


1. Lack of adequate study material though can be procured online. Many EEPs including Adaptive sell their study material online.

2. May not have access to question banks. Many EEPs including Adaptive sell question banks.

3. Takes longer duration. Nothing can be done as this is a voluntary group. This becomes an issue when you are trying to complete the certification in a time bound manner.

Since CBAP certification scheme is changing in next 2 months, this approach will almost force you to take examination in V3 scheme than V2 scheme.

CBAP examination is likely to become tougher in V3 than V2.

4. Success probability is lower.

2. Prep class approach

1. Access to an expert faculty to clarify doubts

2. Access to good study material

3. Access to question banks

4. Can be completed in a time bound manner. Adaptive CBAP workshops including mock question banks can be completed in 2 weeks time.
5. Possibility of success is higher. We have 100% success rate for CBAP certification so far.

This will allow one to appear for V2 examination scheme.


1. Limited opportunity to network

2. Relatively higher cost option.

So now it’s up to you to decide. If one is willing to wait and take up V3 examination, study group approach will possibly work better.

But if you are looking for a time bound approach and looking for a higher success rate, do consider a prep class approach.

Happy reading and have a wonderful day and do provide your suggestions and comments.


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