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As a business analysis training organization, we keep receiving tons of requests for suggesting an appropriate study guide for ECBA® certification examination. So here are some data that would help aspiring ECBA® professionals:

Key business analysis training providers across the globe:

  1. Watermark Learning, USA – Currently does not provide ECBA® Study Guide
  2. International Institute of Learning, USA – Currently does not provide ECBA® Study Guide
  3. Adaptive, USA – ECBA Study Guide priced at USD 103
  4. SimpliLearn, India – Does not provide ECBA® Study Guides
  5. PM Partners, Australia – Currently does not provide ECBA® Study Guide


Here are few key features of Adaptive Processes ECBA® Study Guide:

  1. Fully aligned to BABoK® V3
  2. Covers 99% of BABoK® concepts in 33% volume
  3. 80% information presented in tabular form
  4. 50+ mnemonics to help in remembering BABoK® concepts
  5. No repetitions of concepts
  6. Key concepts highlighted
  7. Authored by professionals who were part of IIBA examinations committee
  8. Adaptive Processes is currently world’s #1 ECBA certification training provider
  9. Complemented with ECBA Question Banks and simulations.


You can take a look at Adaptive ECBA® Study Guide at

You can learn more about ECBA® certification at

List of candidates from Adaptive Processes who have completed ECBA is available here.


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