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World has moved to agile and rightly so. Agile allows us to deliver benefits to our stakeholders faster and allows us to modify our product based on customer feedbacks. Documentation is a non-welcome world in agile. When I meet my clients, they all have a sigh of relief. With agile, they do not have to do any documentation.

We have user stories, which are simple one liners. With this, our developers can develop the features. This situation will work when our developers have significant business experience and can elaborate on their own.

How many of our developers, especially in India, have more than 5 years industry experience? May be less than 10%. Many developers simply move to project management roles once they cross few years of development experience.

The outcome is what our developers develop will have large variance with what our customers need. Lots of small issues crops up which we could have guessed easily before.

So lets understand – where we can benefit from agile and where we can benefit from waterfall.

Aspects that we can predict without significant effort, for example, UI related aspects, we should follow a model like matrix model. This will reduce disputes with stakeholders and avoid rework.

Things that we find it hard to understand or freeze, we can adopt agile approach. Here we can obtain user feedback on the process and rules quickly through rapid development and deployment.

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