The workshop covers the essential Business Analysis tools and techniques like UML, BPM, Requirements elicitation etc. The course is completely aligned to CPREFL certification. The course also prepares the candidates for complete Business Analyst skills with exposure to all Business Analysis tools. The workshop covers the basic skill sets required by Business Analysis professionals based on the industry recognized standards and other industry best practices. The workshop is the first milestone propelling budding professionals to get certified against industry certifications. The workshop provides exposure to Business Analysis concepts and is supplemented with detailed case study covering all the concepts learned during the workshop, which helps participants to apply the knowledge gained during the workshop. The workshop also includes mock tests and sample questions for the participants who are aspiring to take up certification exam..

Session Coverage (5 days - 3.5 days Instructor led and 1.5 days elearning) Question Bank Booklet + Business Analysis e-learning + Business Analysis Toolkit Certified PMP recipients can claim 21 CDUs for their CDU requirements

  • Adaptive Processes Consulting ( is an authorized training partner of IREB (
  • Covers essential tools and techniques like UML, BPM, Test Automation Tools, Requirement Elicitation
  • Complimentary e-learning on Business Analysis skills and concepts to all participants
  • Model questions for all participants
  • Case study based approach
  • Best in class courseware
  • Complimentary business analysis toolkit covering all essential templates and artifacts for all participants for the session
  • Hard copy course ware aligned to CPREFL Certification
  • Pre class reading material on Business Analysis tools to all participants
  • Course designed by an CBAP certified faculty with 20+ years experience in business analysis in multi-country and multi-cultural environment North America, Asia, Europe - in several top-notch organizations such as IBM, Infosys, PwC, iGate etc.
  • Excellent participant feedbacks.
  • Sample templates, policies and artifacts from our Business Analysis tool kit which helps implementation of the concepts in Business Analysis activities.
  • Covers Business Analysis tools and techniques like UML, BPM, and Requirements elicitation, Stakeholder Management, Solution Assessment and Elicitation etc.
  • Certified PMP recipients can claim 21 CDUs for their CDU requirements by attending this workshop.

(3 Days Classroom session and 1.5 Days Online training on Business Analysis Skills and Concepts)

Business analysis is a critical process that drives the project life cycle. The business analyst, acting as an intermediary between the business and technical communities, analyzes competing business needs and develops plans to implement the projects that support stakeholder objectives. In this course, you gain foundational knowledge of the role and function of the business analyst. You also learn to apply a clearly defined business analysis framework.

  • Symptoms of inadequate RE and reasons for it
  • Tools for RE
  • Major activities of requirements engineering activities
  • Types of requirements
  • System context, system boundary and context boundary
  • Types of requirements sources
  • Principles in dealing with stakeholders (stakeholder rights and duties)
  • Influencing factors for the choice of elicitation techniques
  • Reasons for requirements documentation
  • Natural language requirements documentation, Model-based requirements documentation form, Mixed form
  • Advantages of standardized document structures and one widespread document structures
  • Mastering and using quality criteria for requirements documents
  • Mastering and using quality criteria for requirements
  • Style rules for requirements
  • Mastering and using contents and importance of a glossary
  • Five transformational processes
  • Mastering and using the five steps for formulating requirements using a requirements template
  • Requirements attribute schemes
  • Mastering and using views on requirements
  • Methods for prioritizing requirements
  • Requirements traceability
  • Mastering and using versioning of requirements
  • Managing requirements changes
  • Review of concept questions
    • Introductions
    • Requirements analysis activities
    • Knowing the term "model" and the properties of models
    • Mastering the modeling and using of goal relationships as and/or trees
    • Mastering the modeling of and using use case diagrams
    • Knowing the focus of the data perspective on requirements
    • Knowing the focus of the functional perspective on requirements
    • Knowing the focus of the behavioral perspective on requirements
    • Break
    • Requirements management activities
    • Knowing the significance of validating requirements
    • Mastering and using validation criteria for the quality aspects, content, documentation and agreement
    • Knowing techniques for requirements validation
    • Knowing activities for requirements negotiation
    • Requirement management and modeling tools
    • Mock examination
    • Discuss answers to mock question
    • Feedback and closure
  • Participant and faculty introduction
  • Use case diagram
  • Class diagram
  • Activity diagram
  • Health break
  • Sequence diagram
  • Lunch Break
  • Component diagram
  • Deployment diagram
  • State chart diagram
  • Health break
  • Timing diagram
  • Interaction overview diagram
  • Review and closure
  • Review of question answers
  • Doubt clearing session

Profile of program leader - L.N.Mishra linkedin_circle.png

  • Alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad
  • CBAP from IIBA
  • CPRE from IREB
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC)
  • 22+ years of professional experience in agile software development, requirements analysis, business analysis, and GRC
  • Consulted 50+ clients including AkzoNobel, Nordstrom, Toshiba, IBM, Infosys, Axa Group
  • Delivered more than 10 systems
  • Authored 8 popular books on Business Analysis and Requirements Engineering
  • Trained more than 3000 professionals on CBAP and Business Analysis concepts
  • Consulted clients in 10 countries including USA, Germany, Spain, UK, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Thailand, Philippines     and India
  • Includes hard copy course material for CPRE.
  • Perpetual access to Business Analysis elearning.
  • Pre-class study material on Business Analysis tools.
  • Comprehensive Business Analysis toolkit comprising of all essential Business Analysis artifacts like requirements templates, guidelines, checklists etc
  • Questions for CPRE certification preparation.
  • Dedicated session for Requirements gathering / UML tools software.
  • Project specific templates Product Backlog, SRS, BRS, feasibility reports, RFI, RFQ, and CCB.
  • Summary of all tools and techniques.
  • Exposure to industry best practices on business analysis
  • Understanding of the Business Analyst role as per the industry requirements.
  • Case Study to provide a simulation of the implementation of Business Analysis concepts
  • Understanding the approach to answer Objective type Questions.
  • Assess preparedness for the CPRE examination
  • Analyze and understand the business problems
  • Dedicated one day of modeling and other Business Analysis tools practice session
  • 100% Past success rate (CPRE® certified list).
  • Complete support till certification with Quiz Bank and Exam tips and tricks.
  • Self paced e-learning based on CPRE syllabus.
  • 300 Question bank and exam simulator to give real time exam experience.
  • Confirmed sessions - no last minute cancellations.
  • Convenient weekend sessions.
  • Focussed session on Modeling and requirements Engineering tools with practice exercises.
  • Excellent feedback.
  • 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

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  • Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering is a professional training and certification program.
  • Designed for requirements engineers and entry level Business Analyst.
  • Developed by IREB, Germany
  • CPRE exam can be taken at approved certification bodies
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