What is ISO® 20000

ISO 20000 is the worlds most popular standard for IT service management. It is applicable for businesses which provide IT services or depend on their IT services for smooth business operations. The aim of ISO 20000 standard is to provide high quality IT services. It defines 5 levels of maturity which an organization achieves over period of time.

  • Provides confidence to clients on organizations ability to provide high quality IT services
  • Structured change management
  • Helps in being prepared for disasters
  • Secures companies information assets
  • Better management of incidents
  • Provides for a market differentiator
Achieving ISO 20000 is only beginning of the journey, sustaining the same over time is a bigger challenge. ISO has very high expectations on managing the ITSM properly through document control system and maintaining records and showing quantitative process improvements. ISO 20000 prescribes maintaining 40+ mandatory records and typically as per organizational requirements, it may go up to 50 types of records being maintained.
Our GRCPerfect comes pre-built with 50+ standard proven ITSM processes and all required policies and guidelines which can be easily tailored by the organization. It also has 30+ data management modules such as Asset Tracker, Risk Tracker, Visitor Tracker, Material Movements Tracker, Service Tracker, Audit Plan and Track, Employee Skill Tracking, Training Tracking, Defects Tracking, Record Control Matrix, Document Control Matrix, Supplier Tracking including Supplier Evaluation etc.
All this means the organization can save huge amount of time and effort in implementing ISO 20000. Again, being an integrated product for ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and CMMI, organizations investment remains intact when the organization decides to implement other related standards.

GRCPerfect Modules for ISO 20000

An Effective ISO 20000 compliance management tool which reduces your effort and cost significantly

  • All policies, processes, guidelines, templates and checklists for ISO 20000
  • eLearning on ISO 20000
  • Planning of ISO 20000 implementation and tracking the same
  • Asset Master including Allocation, Movement and Component tracking
  • Automated Risk Analysis and Treatment Plan
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Threat and Vulnerability analysis
  • Asset Service Records
  • Management Review Meetings
  • Action Item Tracking as per ISO 20000
  • Internal Audit Planning and Tracking
  • Incident Tracking
  • Visitor Tracker
  • Material Movements Tracker
  • Skill analysis

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